I am a freelance writer. This includes blog posts, ghost writing, articles and so much more for reasonable prices!

Copy editing
I offer copy editing services at reasonable prices. This mostly is for authors looking for a reasonably priced editing service, but I also can edit blog posts and other documents. 

Developmental Editing
I offer Developmental editing services as well. This service involves you sending me a copy of your already copy edited document/manuscript and allowing me to read it and send feedback on:

  • what characters I like/don't like
  • what doesn't make sense
  • what needs further explanation
  • what takes away from the story and should be cut
  • what needs to be added
Test Reader
I offer test reader services normally free of charge in exchange for a free copy of the manuscript. This means I will read your document and review it if I enjoy it. I can offer minimal feedback or I can offer large amounts of feedback for a charge. 

If I genuinely like your product I will review it free of charge in exchange for a free product to show in my review or Give Away to my readers. 

Virtual Assistant
I offer a virtual assistant service for answering/cleaning out emails, paper work, organization, taking notes in meetings and any other needs. This service is reasonably priced and can be a one time thing or an on-going partnership.

Bloggers: I advertise with Bloggers for free in exchange for an advertisement on their blog as well. I will now be accept 5 advertisements a month for the following services:
  • A button on the sidebar of my blog
  • A featured segment on my monthly advertisers post
  • Twitter mentions & follows
Brands: I do charge for brand advertisements. The rate will be worked out privately. 

I love working with people and will always do what I can to accommodate. If you're interested in working with me, please feel free to reach out! The best way to contact me is to email ( I promise a reply within 1 business day. 

*Any of these are subject to change at any time or within any given situation* 

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  1. So good that you have so many qualities. Its indeed difficult nowadays to get some person for work who has got all the skills. Looking forward to have cooperative work with you.