Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weekend Crafts

If we're being honest - I've been fighting writers block all week. I meant to get 4 blog posts scheduled over the weekend to get ahead... I'm writing this at 7:30 PM on Sunday night and it's the first time I've even tried to write a post all weekend. Or write at all. I wrote a few pages in my personal journal but just rants about personal things, nothing of real content. 

The only real productive things I did do this weekend were go shopping for costumes and purchase the last few items for my show and work on scrapbook pages. Since I can't show you pictures of my costumes yet - I figured I'd just display my scrapbook pages instead:

The first layout I made was this cute, colorful layout of me and TJ on the Santa Monica Pier in the beginning of January when we were visiting his family. Even though this happened over a month ago, I just got the photos printed on the 1st of February because I get all my photos printed that I took in the previous month on the first of the month. I use Amazon Printing Service and I love it! I love this layout because of the contrast in colors. TJ and I are both wearing dark colors and the orange accent in the background contrasts nicely. It was also a fun day and thus deserving of a fun background. 

I also made this cute little layout of Bill our Betta fist - aka Billy The Betta. I know it's silly to scrapbook about a fish - but this is the first real pet I've had. My dogs were my parents, not mine. And while I have had fish before, honestly none have lasted as long as Bill has because I wasn't good at taking care of them when I was younger. I kind of regret adding the Finding Dory stickers but what's done is done. 


  1. It is not silly to post about your fish! I would scrapbook about fish but they don't last long around here. lol My daughter was really frustrated after the money she put into the things, but decided to stick with the Labradors. lol

  2. Congratulations Alisha for the first anniversary . may you have a lot more happy years in life , enjoy with the person you treasured the most because these moments wont come back in life .