Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentines Gifts

Valentines day is for more than just couples or those of us in love. Valentines day is a time to show all kinds of love. My and Tj's anniversary is on the 16th of February so we don't put a lot of importance on Valentines day. Instead this year, I chose to spend time making valentines for friends and family.

The big thing I made was what I call a Best Friend Journal. I made this for my long distance best friend as a way to showcase our best memories together and all the photos of the two of us that we had taken thus far in our friendship.

I made this book with a 4x6 photo album from Michael's. I customized the cover and all of the pages. I basically made it as a mini scrapbook with all of our memories (mostly from our high school years). I did leave about half of the book blank to include new memories. I slipped all the extra supplies I got for the project into the last page along with a note in an envelope explaining the project and how she is supposed to finish it. 

I also sent personalized heart-shaped Valentines Day cards that I also purchased at Michael's to my family. I like to add washi tape and stickers to my notes to make them cute and unique. There is nothing I love more than sending and getting mail.


  1. Ah this is way too cute, great inspiration! I am loving your blog too, keep up the hard work, you are doing amazing! x

  2. These are such cute ideas! one of my bestfriends made me like an album during Christmas and it had pictures of me and her! Those type of gifts are so thoughtful!
    I have been thinking of a gift to give to my parents for Valentine's Day those heart shaped cards seem like a lovely idea! :)

    Nikki O.

    1. I always give sentimental gifts - I'm just too much of a sentimental person! Glad you like it! <3

  3. Awww this is such a lovely idea, your blog is so pretty! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)