Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Month By Month | January

This is a new series I'm calling Month By Month. It's basically just an over view of my month. The goal is to do one for each month of 2017. I'm doing this with the intention of it bringing more of my personal life onto my blog to give it more personality and let my readers get to know me and my life a little better. 

My plan is to have this be an over view, not just of big events that happened, but also my monthly favorites and reviews of products, books, movies, music and people if I so desire. 

This is where YOU come in. Since this is the first month this is happening, I'd love to know how you like it. Would you rather see favorites and reviews in another post or do they work fine here? Please let me know!

We started out the month (and the year) in Los Angeles after having visited TJ's family. I got to visit the Santa Monica Pier and we stopped and got milkshakes at In & Out Burger. We were just sort of being tourists.

We flew back to Eugene on the 4th of the month and came back to SNOW! It was so hard to get home because all of the taxi's were busy. We were lucky enough to have grabbed one directly from the airport and split it with a friend to get home.

On the 10th of January (yes, a Tuesday) we started Winter term. I'm taking 3 classes this term: Patterning, Oceanography and a Major Seminar.

On the 11th of January we got our FISH! Bill joined our family and was adopted from PetCo and is a very happy little camper. He's so energetic and has so much personality and loves interacting with us. You can read more about our little guy here.

On the 16th of January I broke my foot. Yes, that is correct. I broke it. We knew a chair of ours was breaking and TJ had made a note to fix it. I sat in it knowing it hadn't been fixed but I had been sitting in it all day and it hadn't broken and hadn't shown any signs of breaking. So I got up to get a drink and sat back down and the front rod broke off of the chair, the legs all spread apart and I was folded in on the chair. I landed with my foot crossed under my body and fractured a bone. I'll be in a boot for a while. It's super fun, guys.

TJ and I like to go out on a proper date night at least every other week. We feel it's important to spend time outside of the house. Mostly this is just going for sushi or seeing a movie or something little. But this week when we decided to go to dinner AND a movie (I know, such a luxury) because my parents gave us two sets of free movie passes for the Holidays. We *finally* saw Rogue One and had a pretty fantastic time! I'm a little behind on the Star Wars movies as I still haven't seen The Force Awakens, but I'll catch up.

New Years Resolutions update:
Since I actually broke my foot we haven't been exercising, but there's a good excuse there. We both need the motivation from the other person and want to do it together so we talked and decided to put it on hold until I'm healed and then kick it into high gear. We were just going to exercise at home with yoga and sit ups every night, but we've decided to go to the gym and make up for missing the first 2-3 months of the year.

I have been successful in writing everyday so far.

Bill (the betta fish) is alive and well. #BillyTheBetta

What I'm looking forward to in February:
My and TJ's anniversary.

  • The Putt-Putt by Shane Ramey
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K Rowling
  •  The Office
  • *rewatching* The Carrie Diaries
  • Peach Wine
  • Water
  • A lot of salad with Olive Garden Italian Dressing
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Raspberries
  • Cloths from
  • Bath And Body Works products
  • new pillows
  • Spring Break
  • December scrapbook pages
  • A few secret projects for people who I know read the blog

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  1. Good to hear about your months review. And I must say, that bay and blue water look pretty amazing. I would love to see more.