Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow Day

We landed back in Eugene, Oregon on January 4th and found our city covered in inches of snow and ice. We worried we would have to wait hours before we could even get a cab home from the airport. Since Wednesday, the weather has only got worse as temperatures have remained below freezing and snow and ice have continued to blanket our city. 
The fresh snow. About 4 inches deep on the hood of our car

I don't want to sound as if I'm complaining. I know some parts of the world have it worse. But hear me out: it doesn't snow in Eugene... or... if it does snow in Eugene it doesn't snow enough to stick. So the city and the residents aren't prepared for this type of weather. This snow storm started on Tuesday, January 3rd and as I'm writing this it's Sunday January 8th. Tomorrow, Monday, January 9th was supposed to be the first day of classes for Winter Term, however, we all got the news an hour ago that classes are canceled. 

We had so many plans for when we got back to Eugene. We came back from California a little early so we could get things done before term started: hair cuts, grocery shopping, job hunting, getting me my betta fish. But instead we haven't been able to use our car at all. The roads are covered in inches of ice and our car is frozen shut. The snow on the trunk of the car has grown so high it's nearly level with the top of the car and the whole thing is covered in a layer of ice. On Thursday we braved a 15 minutes walk to the grocery store and back and carried three large bags of supplies back with us, slipping and sliding on ice as we walked down regular, paved sidewalks. 

The weather is warming slowly. It's 33 degrees today as a high, just one point above freezing (Fahrenheit scale) but the ice and snow is so thick that it's taking a while to melt. It was supposed to be washed away today by rain and temperatures in the 40's. The airport is closed and it's dangerous to drive since the rain that did come today as expected came in freezing temperatures and added more ice to everything. Students aren't able to fly back to the city for school. 

Again: not complaining. But cabin fever has definitely started to set in and at this point and I've been tempted to walk the 3 blocks to Starbucks several times a day just to get out of the house. We've made several little trips to the store just across the street, but it's also running low on supplies since people can't make it to Safeway. 

I'm staying positive for the most part and enjoying my little vacation.

We had friends over for board games the other night. Most of our friends live within walking distance of our apartment and were eager to get out of their apartments. 

I've been writing like crazy: blog posts, new novel ideas, journaling. This type of weather is the best for inspiration. 

We've been making great cold weather food: potato corn chowder, chili and tuna casserole and having lots of other soups during the day. The weather also gives me an excuse to drink as many cups of coffee as I want to stay warm and cozy. 

My boyfriend and I have been spending loads of time together as we live together and are both stuck home. We've been watching movies and TV while cuddled up with our coffee/hot coco (he's not a caffeine guy). 

I get to wear sweatpants, hoodies and fuzzy socks and I'm not even sick. Pajamas during the day when you're feeling perfectly healthy is amazing. 

Prime reading time. Let me tell you, I'm looking at screens for a HUGE part of my day. At various points, my eyes get so tired I have to stop. I've been going to bed early and just sitting and reading for an hour or two until I fall asleep. I FINALLY finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (and LOVED it: possible review to come) and have begun reading my friends book: The Putt-Putt which so far I also love. 

I can finally catch up on YouTube videos. While I was in California there was no time to watch videos. I continued to add them to my Watch Later playlist and it grew to over 100 videos in 10 days. Now that I've been snowed in for 5 days, I'm down to 25 videos left, including ones that have been uploaded since I've been back. 

There is light in every situation and it's important to see that. While it does suck being stuck in the house for 5 days in a row, I have been very productive and got a lot done. My house has never been cleaner and all of our laundry is clean, folded and put away.

What's the weather like where you are? What do/would you do if you were stuck in the house?


  1. I've never lived anywhere where it snows before so this was all completely foreign for me to read about! It's currently summer in Australia so while it's snowing everywhere else we're all boiling over here....

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Snow is magical when it's not trapping you inside your house! I love the cold weather so much! While I would love to visit Australia I don't know if I could handle the heat haha! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wow you article gave me chill as this snowy picture are so soothing to see.I really miss to visit up hills as I have seen this type of snow there.