Friday, January 13, 2017

Newest addition

On Wednesday I finally got a Betta fish! If you recall, one of my New Years resolutions was to get a fish and keep it alive and healthy. We meant to get it over a week ago but we were snowed in so badly we couldn't use the car at all until 2 days ago. While we couldn't go out I did order a lot of the Betta supplies on Amazon so they would be ready. The only things I had to get in store were the fish, a bag of rocks and a plant for decor.

Meet Bill! Bill is a bright red (but under his light he looks orange), male Veiltail Betta. He was adopted from PetCo on January 11th 2017 and his main hobbies include laying on his floating leaf and chasing food to the floor before eating it. Bill lives on my desk and makes procrastination so much easier because he's a lot more fun to watch than homework is to do.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a betta expert, but I did do my fair share of research before buying this little guy. I encourage anyone reading who wants a fish or betta to get one, but, please do your research first as there is a lot that can go wrong or that you might not think about. 


  1. Awe how cute!Bill is adorable :)

  2. I had a betta fish when I was younger, I love watching them swim =o)

    1. I love my Betta! We've been wanting a pet so badly but we can't get our cat until this summer so a fish seemed like a fantastic compromise! Thanks for reading! x