Monday, January 2, 2017

Auf Wiedersehen 2016

As I mentioned in my recent Birthday post: this last year was an interesting one. It was a pretty good year for me. I rang in the year with my lovely sisters whom I love and miss everyday. And I ended the year at a Hanukkah/New Years party hosted by my boyfriends family in Southern California. Very different places. 
New Years Eve 2015

A lot changed this year and I feel like it was all for the better. I reconnected with an old best friend. I wrote a manuscript that I'm actually fairly proud of. I fell in love with my wonderful boyfriend and have been with him for just under a year. And, I began the conversion process to become Jewish. I also met a few handfuls of lovely people to whom I wish the very best in 2017 and I worked on several shows that I adore. My boyfriend and I moved in together and I started this very blog. How exciting. Oh! And I also got my own Netflix subscription... talk about adulting.

Every year, like most of the rest of the world, I attempt New Years Resolutions. New Year = New Me. However, most of the time they are unsuccessful. But, that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop making them. It's tradition.

Getting ready to bring in 2017 with my Boyfriend and his
family in sunny Santa, Barbara, California. 

  1) Keep this blog active and try to actually make something of it. I'm getting a little bit of attention on my little corner of the world right here and I like it. It's fun and productive and a good way to spend time. And it's forcing me to write at least three times a week.

2) TJ and I have jumped on with the most popular New Years resolutions: to get ourselves healthier. Neither of us are unhealthy. But we don't exercise as much as we should or in the right ways. This year we really want to hold each other accountable and make it happen.

3) Keep organized and stay on top of my memory keeping. Scrapbooking is important to me and I would hate for it all to go to waist. I want to continue scrapping the big events and fill up at least one photo box full of 2017 pictures.

4) I am getting a Betta fish when we get back to Oregon and I'm determined to keep it alive. I've had a few in the past and they all died for various reasons, however, I have not had a fish since I was 17. I think now that I have a nice schedule and am more responsible a fish is a good stepping stone to me soon-to-be cat. If, for whatever reason it does die however, I'm just going to get some goldfish since those are oh so much easier to keep. I do really like the idea of having a fish tank on my desk, though.

I am however, a realistic person and I acknowledge that maybe not all of these are going to get done. But I would like to try. If you go into the new year knowing you wont accomplish your resolutions than why even make them? What would you like to accomplish in the new year? What are you most excited about for 2017? 

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  1. Things can change in a very short time. Change is for the best. This was very fascinating. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am glad you did.