Monday, January 30, 2017

December Scrapbook Pages

I spent a few hours on Saturday working on my scrapbook, and, since this blog was originally a crafty and scrapbook based blog, I thought I'd share them with you. 

I have been scrapbooking for a year now and I love it! I love documenting memories and having a reason to get photos printed. I have three completed scrapbooks and one that I'm currently working on. My books are all chronological but I don't scrap chronologically, however, I did just receive my December photos from and couldn't wait to get them into the book! 

For those of you who might be curious, I LOVE the amazon printing service! I used to use Costco and Walgreen's printing services, however Amazon is the quality of Costco with the price of Walgreen's, which is perfect! 

I make an absolute mess when I scrap, let me tell you! This photo is missing the huge pile of scraps of paper and rejected bits of cropped photos on the floor to the left. I also have extra supplies on the dining room table behind me. I also scrapped while catching up on RemLife vlogs, which I love and am finally completely caught up on. I've been living my Hawaiian vacation vicariously though her Hawaii vlogs. 

December was a big month: we moved in together, finished a term of University and traveled to Southern California to spend Hanukkah with his family. I found this month the hardest to choose pictures for since there were literally so many!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Bath and Body Works Haul

If you read my Wanderlust post you'll know that I am on a huge summer/tropical kick. Lucky for me, the same day that I wrote that post Bath and Body Works was having their Semi-Annual sale. I picked up 7 items online that I love and have been getting me through the cold. 

I got three lotions: Coconut Lime Breeze, Peach, Honey & Almond, and, Pure Paradise. The one in the middle I keep on the corner of my desk and use multiple times a day whenever my hands feel a little dry or tired. And the other two are going to be rotated through after showers and during my skin care routine. 

I got two body sprays: Lemon Pomegranate Cream, and, Honolulu Sun. The Lemon one sits on my desk because my desk is in the kitchen and the kitchen doesn't always smell the best. The Honolulu one (which my boyfriend likes to mock because "the sun in Honolulu is the same sun in the rest of the world" but oh well, it smells fantastic and is on my bookshelf in the bedroom to spray each morning.

Finally I got two candles: Endless Weekend, and, Watermelon Lemonade. I LOVE B&BW candles. I am so obsessed. I have so many and should probably do a collection post. I love making my house smell great and I love having scents for different seasons. They're so bright and pretty and summery.

That is my haul, it's very small but I'm quite happy. I'm sure another haul can be expected before the summer actually starts!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Housewife Stigma

Like *most* women, I am a feminist! I am all for gender equality. But there is one thing that sort of bugs me. And it's not *most* feminists that do this, it's a select few, but sometimes it does come up and some people are extremely bothered by it. I respect all opinions, but I feel it's important for me to address this particular "taboo" subject. 

I want to be a Housewife. When I tell *some* people that they get a little offend like what I just said personally attacked them and changed their entire world view. I have always been of the mind that a woman or any person of any gender can be literally whatever they want to be; including a housewife/househusband. It's not a hard concept. As long as it is a choice then it's a valid choice. 

I have always had career goals. I'd love to write. I'd love to write for TV or movies. I'd love to write my own books and continue this blog as a career. I'd love to work in Hollywood. I'd love to own a business or restaurant. 

But above any of those goals, I want to be a wife and have children and make a home for my family. I actually like cleaning and cooking. I want to have 3-4 children and a happy husband and a well decorated and cozy home. There is nothing wrong with wanting that. 

Wanting to be a housewife, or even being a housewife, doesn't mean I'm not a feminist! 

I get the same reaction when I tell people that I'm okay with it all starting while I'm young. I've always been a firm believer in getting started young, baring that your partner agrees. Start when you're ready, and that's totally different for every person. There may be a scientific age that is recommended, but that doesn't mean you have to or should abide by it as law. I'm sort of a "why wait?" person. If I know, then I know. I've learned by this point to trust my intuition. 

Please don't take my word as law either. And my opinion isn't meant to sway you for or against being a housewife. I would just like to put a little importance on it being respected as a valid and purposeful life choice. Just so long as it is, indeed, a choice. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Things I'm really into at the moment

I, as I imagination most people do, go through phases of being super interested in things, people, places, etc. So I thought it would be fun to write up a quick list of things I'm super into at the moment. It would be nice to have this list to look back on and giggle at and I would also love to see who's interested in the same things!

1) Seattle

For those of you who maybe don't know, Seattle is a city in Washington, USA. I am a Pacific Northwest girl and have lived in Oregon for most of my life. I love the idea of Seattle. I love everything it stands for: coffee, fresh seafood, being unique, and being situated in a beautiful spot in the Pacific Northwest. I have never had the opportunity to travel Seattle but I'm really thinking about planning a little trip up. It's only an inexpensive 6 hour bus ride away. It's true I'm not much of a city girl, but I do like to visit them. If you're from Seattle, let me know where I should go! I might also be looking for a blogger friend to show me around (you know, take me to all the cool, unique, blog photo worthy places)!

2) Dove Milk Chocolate
Always and Forever interested in Dove Milk Chocolate. I have a little DIY candy jar on my desk that is normally filled with Dove chocolate. I personally feel like having candy on your desk is essential. When I hate school or work and want to take a break I have chocolate right there. It doesn't really get any better.

3) The Office
TJ and I started The Office last week and it's quickly making its way onto our list of favorite shows. There are parts that are hard to watch/dated but once you get past that it's so funny and easy to watch whenever. I love that. It's great after a long day when I just need a laugh. 

4) Wine
If you've been around here before you'll know I recently turned 21, which is the legal drinking age in America. I've been enjoying trying things out and figuring out what I like. So far I can pretty safely say that I like wine. I've been attempting to try a new one every time I get one, but have been going back to Cabernet as my favorite. Contrary to this, I really thoroughly dislike beer! 

5) The Putt-Putt

A friend of mine wrote a lovely YA book about a young woman finding out who she is and what she wants in life through the meeting of an unlikely friend and their adventures. I love the book and am only 20 pages from the end! I encourage anyone who wants a quick read (it's only 179 pages) and likes YA fiction to order a copy! I bought mine on Amazon

6) Amazon Smile
If you go to instead of regular it donates money to a charity/organization of your choice every time you check out. It doesn't cost anything and helps give back. TJ and I choose to support the Oregon Hillel Foundation while shopping as it's an organization that is very near and dear to us. 

7) Journals
I bought 2 or 3 new journals over this past week... I know... bad! I'm not even half way done with my current journal but I'm thinking about retiring it early and starting a new one. If the journal inspires me the words will come. My current journal doesn't inspire me as much as I'd like it to, and I've had it since October. Normally I fill them up within 3 months but this one has been taking a while. 

8) Planning for the future
I go through phases of mapping out my dream house and looking up cute Baby photography and compiling it into a "future" board on Pinterest. It's just harmless browsing and I know I'll love having all that inspiration in one place when I'm actually ready to use it. I'm on a huge pinterest kick right now.

9) YouTube
I find YouTube as the social media platform that I go through phases of the most. Maybe that's because I'm only a watcher and I don't actually post any videos. But since October I've been loving YouTube, I watch it everyday and my watch later playlist is always so full of videos since I go through my subscriptions box everyday and put new videos on that list so I don't miss them. My favorites at the moment are: Kristee Vetter, SprinkleOfGlitter/Chatter, Bits&Clips & OKBaby.

10) Scarfs
It's not because of the weather! I do live somewhere that's cold, but I've never worn scarfs before and I have so many of them! Over the past 2 weeks I've been wearing a scarf almost everyday, and again, it's not because of the ice or snow or rain or cold. It's because scarfs really tie an outfit together. Especially now that I'm in a boot for my foot I feel like my outfits always need an extra something. Jeans, a jacket and shoe (just one show because my other is a cast) don't really have the full effect that I've been looking for recently. However if I ad a big, fluffy, black scarf to it, I feel like it's put together.

Are we loving any of the same things right now? Do you go through phases with things also? What are you obsessed with at the moment that you're not usually obsessed with? People are so interesting.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Something I haven't really talked about a lot on my blog yet is my absolute love for travel. I love flying on airplanes and arriving in new places. I love exploring and sight seeing and, of course, shopping. This may be surprising after learning about my anxiety but I think I like travel so much because it's a situation that everyone feels a little frazzled in and as long as I have a Home Base while traveling, I feel alright. 

Currently it's cold, snowy and icy here in Oregon on the west coast of America. And while I love the cold weather more than any other type of weather, I am finding myself missing the sun in California. I've never really felt the desire to travel to those warm, sunny places to escape the cold, but today as I was watching Remi's Hawaii Vlogs and browsing through the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale online, I found myself desperately wanting to grab some tropical smelling lotion and hit the beach. 

I've decided instead to let this blog post be an excuse to look up some tropical destinations and compile a list of places that are currently at the top of my Travel Wish List:

1. Bora Bora

TJ and I have been wanting to go to Bora Bora since we got together. It's our goal vacation spot. We dream about those huts that are built over the water. We want to be able to jump off of our porch into the clear ocean and relax in the sun. It's our dream Honeymoon destination. 

2. Oahu, Hawaii

3. Southern California
Fine... I'll admit it: I fell in love with this place while we were there. It's so cute and exactly the right size for a city and it doesn't really get too hot or too cold. I'm not sure how I would like the weather staying in the same range for most of the year, but it would be easy to keep a wardrobe for.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now (and money wasn't a factor) where would you go? Are you feeling my tropical vibe? From those of you who have been to these places, where else do I need to research? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Top 10 Moments of 2016

While 2016 was basically an awful year for the world: it was actually quite a nice year in the life of Alisha. I had so many good things happen to me this year that I'm so thankful for. So, I thought I'd share a little glimpse into my past year with my Top 10 Moments of 2016!

A successful run of an amazing original musical in the Pocket Playhouse. Dark Knight The Musical was a great time and a great group of people! I'm so honored to have been able to work on the debut of this show! 

Starting my 3rd year of University! I can't believe how quickly time has moved since I graduated High School! I'm already more than half way done with my degree! 

I made the final decision to convert to Judaism. This is a decision I've been playing with since I was in high school and I'm so glad I finally made the leap! I'm learning so much and I'm so glad to have found a place that I feel I really fit into and I'm excited to make my home in this religion and way of life that I truly love.

Going home for Thanksgiving and getting to introduce TJ to most of my family. He had met some of them before but he was able to meet my sisters, niece and nephew and aunt and cousin for the first time this trip. It was great having him there!

Stage managing my first (and possibly only) Main-Stage show at the University of Oregon was a great experience! I loved all the people I was fortunate enough to work with and fell in love with the show. The 8 weeks of rehearsal and 3 weeks of run went by so quickly!

TJ and I were able to spend Hanukkah and New Years with his family down in Southern California! It was great to meet so many members of his family and to experience his life and life in general down in the sun! Take a look at this post for more amazing photography from our trip!

I was fortunate enough this year to reconnect with my best friend from high school! She's an amazing woman who I've missed terribly over the years since we went on our own paths but we've been able to catch up like nothing ever changed! She's now engaged and has asked me to be a part of the wedding! Congratulations!

In February of 2016 I took on a challenge to journal everyday. I haven't exactly done that, but I have been writing everyday in some way. I've filled up 4 journals this year and wrote a finished novel which is in editing. I have benefited so much from writing everyday and my writing skill has increased massively. 

This was the year I took a serious interest in Scrapbooking and made a total of 5 scrapbooks. 2 were for gifts, 1 was of my high school experience, 1 was of my 1st year of University and the last 1 I completed was for my 2nd year of University. I also started one for my 3rd year of University that I update regularly. I have put more importance on photography this year and have thousands of pictures and memories stored away now to look back on. 
Finally, number 1, the biggest thing that happened to me in 2016: TJ and I got together. We got together in February after having "dated" for most of January and having been friends since September. We've had a lot of firsts this year (traveling together, moving in together, meeting families, etc.) and I am so glad and lucky to have found such an amazing man to share my life with. 

I hope that 2016 was as good of a year for you as it was for me! I'd love to hear what the top things that happened in your life were!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The importance of writing everyday

If it isn't obvious from my old posts or even just from the fact that I have a blog, I am a writer! I go through phases of writing fiction, but writing fiction is one of the things that brings me the most joy. Being a professional writer has always been a pipe dream for me, I've never really thought about it being an actual career until recently. And now, even with a book in editing and a blog that brings a very small amount of revenue, I still hold two "day jobs" to supplement my income. So, being a writer still isn't a career. I think the reason that I never wanted to write professionally is similar to how I felt about doing Theatre professionally. I knew that I'd get burnt out and stop enjoying it. That happened with Theatre and I'm so worried it'll happen with writing too. 

However for the last few years I have been challenging myself to write everyday in whatever form I choose. I can write a blog post, write in my journal or work on a story of novel. I've even been making time specifically for it everyday starting this year. I have class everyday at 10 am, so I've been waking up at 8 am, being dressed and ready by 8:20 am (on normal days it takes me absolutely no time to get ready) and then sitting at my desk with my coffee and breakfast, writing until I have to leave at 9:30-9:45 am. 

Writing every morning has done wonders for my creativity and my life in general. I love filling up journals and having daily logs to look back on in years from now. I also enjoy having a list of draft blog posts that can be scheduled for whenever that only need photos. And of course, the feeling of finishing a novel is one of the most accomplished feelings in the world. Starting my day with my brain thinking creatively has made me a happier person. I don't hate mornings anymore. I like waking up and even on weekends I'm up earlier than I normally would be. I get more productive time during the day and can relax when I get home without feeling like I've cheated myself because I'm to tired to write. 

I read an article once years and years ago about a man who wrote in a journal every day for 5 years and filled up pages per day about every thought in his mind, about what his wife made for dinner and what he did during the day. He said something about feeling unbelievable accomplished. I have been chasing that feeling since. I'll let you know when I get there.

To read more about my writing style or my process in publishing, check out this post

Friday, January 13, 2017

Newest addition

On Wednesday I finally got a Betta fish! If you recall, one of my New Years resolutions was to get a fish and keep it alive and healthy. We meant to get it over a week ago but we were snowed in so badly we couldn't use the car at all until 2 days ago. While we couldn't go out I did order a lot of the Betta supplies on Amazon so they would be ready. The only things I had to get in store were the fish, a bag of rocks and a plant for decor.

Meet Bill! Bill is a bright red (but under his light he looks orange), male Veiltail Betta. He was adopted from PetCo on January 11th 2017 and his main hobbies include laying on his floating leaf and chasing food to the floor before eating it. Bill lives on my desk and makes procrastination so much easier because he's a lot more fun to watch than homework is to do.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a betta expert, but I did do my fair share of research before buying this little guy. I encourage anyone reading who wants a fish or betta to get one, but, please do your research first as there is a lot that can go wrong or that you might not think about. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow Day

We landed back in Eugene, Oregon on January 4th and found our city covered in inches of snow and ice. We worried we would have to wait hours before we could even get a cab home from the airport. Since Wednesday, the weather has only got worse as temperatures have remained below freezing and snow and ice have continued to blanket our city. 
The fresh snow. About 4 inches deep on the hood of our car

I don't want to sound as if I'm complaining. I know some parts of the world have it worse. But hear me out: it doesn't snow in Eugene... or... if it does snow in Eugene it doesn't snow enough to stick. So the city and the residents aren't prepared for this type of weather. This snow storm started on Tuesday, January 3rd and as I'm writing this it's Sunday January 8th. Tomorrow, Monday, January 9th was supposed to be the first day of classes for Winter Term, however, we all got the news an hour ago that classes are canceled. 

We had so many plans for when we got back to Eugene. We came back from California a little early so we could get things done before term started: hair cuts, grocery shopping, job hunting, getting me my betta fish. But instead we haven't been able to use our car at all. The roads are covered in inches of ice and our car is frozen shut. The snow on the trunk of the car has grown so high it's nearly level with the top of the car and the whole thing is covered in a layer of ice. On Thursday we braved a 15 minutes walk to the grocery store and back and carried three large bags of supplies back with us, slipping and sliding on ice as we walked down regular, paved sidewalks. 

The weather is warming slowly. It's 33 degrees today as a high, just one point above freezing (Fahrenheit scale) but the ice and snow is so thick that it's taking a while to melt. It was supposed to be washed away today by rain and temperatures in the 40's. The airport is closed and it's dangerous to drive since the rain that did come today as expected came in freezing temperatures and added more ice to everything. Students aren't able to fly back to the city for school. 

Again: not complaining. But cabin fever has definitely started to set in and at this point and I've been tempted to walk the 3 blocks to Starbucks several times a day just to get out of the house. We've made several little trips to the store just across the street, but it's also running low on supplies since people can't make it to Safeway. 

I'm staying positive for the most part and enjoying my little vacation.

We had friends over for board games the other night. Most of our friends live within walking distance of our apartment and were eager to get out of their apartments. 

I've been writing like crazy: blog posts, new novel ideas, journaling. This type of weather is the best for inspiration. 

We've been making great cold weather food: potato corn chowder, chili and tuna casserole and having lots of other soups during the day. The weather also gives me an excuse to drink as many cups of coffee as I want to stay warm and cozy. 

My boyfriend and I have been spending loads of time together as we live together and are both stuck home. We've been watching movies and TV while cuddled up with our coffee/hot coco (he's not a caffeine guy). 

I get to wear sweatpants, hoodies and fuzzy socks and I'm not even sick. Pajamas during the day when you're feeling perfectly healthy is amazing. 

Prime reading time. Let me tell you, I'm looking at screens for a HUGE part of my day. At various points, my eyes get so tired I have to stop. I've been going to bed early and just sitting and reading for an hour or two until I fall asleep. I FINALLY finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (and LOVED it: possible review to come) and have begun reading my friends book: The Putt-Putt which so far I also love. 

I can finally catch up on YouTube videos. While I was in California there was no time to watch videos. I continued to add them to my Watch Later playlist and it grew to over 100 videos in 10 days. Now that I've been snowed in for 5 days, I'm down to 25 videos left, including ones that have been uploaded since I've been back. 

There is light in every situation and it's important to see that. While it does suck being stuck in the house for 5 days in a row, I have been very productive and got a lot done. My house has never been cleaner and all of our laundry is clean, folded and put away.

What's the weather like where you are? What do/would you do if you were stuck in the house?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Dealing with Anxiety in college

So, surprise surprise, I have anxiety. Everyone who knows me has probably figured that out on their own, but people who are new to me or don't know me well might not know. I'm not afraid to say it or tell people about it if they ask, but mostly I just try to go about my day dealing with it as it comes and trying not to let it define me too much. 

Something that makes my anxiety appear on the regular is: College. Classes, homework, people, not having any time to myself or to be with my boyfriend at home. Social obligations, responsibility, etc. Not that I don't love all of those things, but, they do make me anxious. 

I used to think that if I kept myself busy and forced myself out of my comfort zone, it would go away. Stress would become a staple in my life and I would just use that to my advantage. That is how I went about my senior year of high school and my first year of university. I worked on as many shows at a time as I could, I took full course loads. I would wake up at 8 am and not come back to my room until close to midnight. I kept such a detailed planner with my life scheduled down to every 15 minutes of my day. I tried to make sure I never really had a free day because those were the days that all the stress would hit me. 

It wasn't until about half way though Fall term of my second year of college that I realized I had burnt myself out and was now starting to resent having to do things, even the things that I once loved like Theatre and even just hanging out with my friends. That was when I began to limit myself and when I began to learn that saying NO is actually okay and no one will hate me for doing so. My health had to be my first priority. 

Now there are a few things that I do regularly to help manage my anxiety and have a fun, full life:

1) Routine is okay. Routine is good.
Wake up at 8 am, go to school. Go to work. Come home. Study. Hang out. Go to bed. I find that doing the same things everyday at the same time (ish) really help me during the week. I like to know what's coming and when and what I can do to make the most of my tine.

2) Comfort things
Tea. Coffee. Hoodies. Blankets. If I feel especially anxious during the school/work day I'll step away, take a few minutes and go and get a cup of coffee or tea. I also like to make sure I'm comfortable during the day. I wear a lot of hoodies and leggings and supportive shoes mostly because if I'm uncomfortable in what I'm wearing I'll be anxious to get home and for the day to be over.

3)Schedule free time
I'm taking on a new rule for myself this term: I'm only letting school/work things take place between 10 am and 5 pm. This did not used to be a rule due to show rehearsals always having to take place so late in the day to accommodate everyone involved. I've taken a small step back from Theatre and am no longer in a position where I need to stay late. Thanks to this new rule, I'll now have my mornings and evenings free to spend time with my boyfriend, clean the house and work on my writing/blog. (And of course, catch up on Netflix and YouTube).

4)Keep a clean environment
I actually don't mind cleaning. I don't mind the act of cleaning because I love the feeling after I finish cleaning and my house is clean and clutter free and I don't have anything else to do.

Along with planning your day, I keep running To Do lists of everything I want to get done during the day/week/month and I write literally everything down in my Happy Planner. Being able to visualize my day keeps me happy and less worried about forget a meeting or due date. Also, write everything down from your syllabus into your planner as soon as you get it! And put sticky note reminders a week before a due date to remind you to actually do it! Saving things for the last minute is a very avoidable source of anxiety. 

6) Don't be afraid... (to say NO/to ask for HELP)
People understand (for the most part) if you don't want to go out, or can't help them with their show. A good friend will also understand if you're having a hard time with your anxiety and you need a hug, or need them to go with you to order food or even just need to vent about what's bothering you. Needless to say, make sure you're this person for other people around you. People don't always realize what anxiety actually looks like and it's different for every person. But, if you see someone who's a little stressed or frazzled, ask them if there is anything you can do to assist them. It's possible you're accidentally causing someone anxiety by trying to get them to do something: go get lunch, play a board game or distracting them from their task. 

These are things that I use everyday to keep myself healthy and happy. I'd be very interested to see what anyone else thinks about anxiety or what they do to help themselves. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Inspire | Random

Part 4 of my Inspire! series...

This final part of my series is going to be a bit of a hot mess, but stick with me here!

I have so many YouTubers that I watch when I want inspiration and I often have my Watch Later playlist on YouTube on in the background while I write. Here are just a couple:
  • Velvetgh0st
    • Gabby is so sweet and genuine and my age (which I love in a YouTuber). She has such good taste and her vlogs are so fun I can watch them over and over again just to have background noise. 
  • Zoella
    • Guilty pleasure. I feel like everyone at least secretly likes Zoella, she's so accomplished and makes me feel like I can do anything I try to do. 
  • Kristee Vetter / strawberryelectric48
    • She goes to college at a place that I applied to and seriously considered going to. She's my age and just vlogs her real life experience. She also went around the world on Semester At Sea recently and her videos from that experience are so interesting and captivating that I love watching them.
  • Random YouTube videos including Journal Flip Throughs and Journaling supply videos (WhittyNovels, PiinkSparkles, etc.). And day in the life type videos of people who are in similar situations as some characters in whatever I'm writing (OKBaby, SprinkleOfGlitter, BitsAndClips, etc.). 
  • Harry Potter
    • Including Cursed Child, which I'm currently reading and loving!
  • To Kill A Mockingbird
    • People hate this book. I read it at least once a year. Reading this book was one of the things that made me want to write.
  • The Gilmore Guys
    • As much as I love Gilmore Girls, I almost love the Gilmore Guys more. They watch episodes of Gilmore Girls and pick them apart and analyze them in the funniest ways. It's a favorite around my office. And, since The Gilmore Guys and most of their guests are screenwriters, It makes me want to do their jobs and write as well. 
If watching, listening or reading isn't your thing. Try setting up your space in a way that clams and inspires you. 
  • Light candles
  • Make sure you have plenty of lighting
  • Tidy around you. Make sure everything around you is clean, organized and put away. If the full dishwasher is cluttering your mind, put the dishes away. Do all your chores, do all your homework and write when you have the mind space to devote entirely to writing. 
I feel like this series was such a creative process for me since it forced me to really sit down and think about what inspires me to write and be creative. I am definitely thinking about another post of things that just inspire me in general and inspire me to be creative in other ways than just writing. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Auf Wiedersehen 2016

As I mentioned in my recent Birthday post: this last year was an interesting one. It was a pretty good year for me. I rang in the year with my lovely sisters whom I love and miss everyday. And I ended the year at a Hanukkah/New Years party hosted by my boyfriends family in Southern California. Very different places. 
New Years Eve 2015

A lot changed this year and I feel like it was all for the better. I reconnected with an old best friend. I wrote a manuscript that I'm actually fairly proud of. I fell in love with my wonderful boyfriend and have been with him for just under a year. And, I began the conversion process to become Jewish. I also met a few handfuls of lovely people to whom I wish the very best in 2017 and I worked on several shows that I adore. My boyfriend and I moved in together and I started this very blog. How exciting. Oh! And I also got my own Netflix subscription... talk about adulting.

Every year, like most of the rest of the world, I attempt New Years Resolutions. New Year = New Me. However, most of the time they are unsuccessful. But, that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop making them. It's tradition.

Getting ready to bring in 2017 with my Boyfriend and his
family in sunny Santa, Barbara, California. 

  1) Keep this blog active and try to actually make something of it. I'm getting a little bit of attention on my little corner of the world right here and I like it. It's fun and productive and a good way to spend time. And it's forcing me to write at least three times a week.

2) TJ and I have jumped on with the most popular New Years resolutions: to get ourselves healthier. Neither of us are unhealthy. But we don't exercise as much as we should or in the right ways. This year we really want to hold each other accountable and make it happen.

3) Keep organized and stay on top of my memory keeping. Scrapbooking is important to me and I would hate for it all to go to waist. I want to continue scrapping the big events and fill up at least one photo box full of 2017 pictures.

4) I am getting a Betta fish when we get back to Oregon and I'm determined to keep it alive. I've had a few in the past and they all died for various reasons, however, I have not had a fish since I was 17. I think now that I have a nice schedule and am more responsible a fish is a good stepping stone to me soon-to-be cat. If, for whatever reason it does die however, I'm just going to get some goldfish since those are oh so much easier to keep. I do really like the idea of having a fish tank on my desk, though.

I am however, a realistic person and I acknowledge that maybe not all of these are going to get done. But I would like to try. If you go into the new year knowing you wont accomplish your resolutions than why even make them? What would you like to accomplish in the new year? What are you most excited about for 2017?