Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thread Up

Recently, I discovered this website called Thread Up, which is an online thrift store. Everything on the website is second hand but good quality. People can sell their nice but used things to the website and the website will resell them at a discounted price to people who are looking for those things cheaper than regular retail value. 

I have been looking for a black bag that was big enough for all my school stuff and had an over the shoulder strap for about 6 months now because I loath having to carry a backpack. After only 30 minutes of shopping through Thread Up I already had two beautiful bags in my cart and was ready to check out. 

The black bag was the first one that I found. It's HUGE! (Something like 18x15 inches) and holds everything I carry to school everyday and then some. Normally, I have a backpack and a purse, however, with the black bag I'm pretty sure I can just carry the one bag because it'll fit everything I normally carry in both bags. This bag had a retail value of nearly $60 but I got it for $17 in "Good" quality. However, there seems to be literally nothing wrong with it and I would actually label it "Like New" quality. 

The second bag I got was a smaller brown bag with white lace detailing on the front and gold hardware. It's smaller (11x13) but still holds my laptop, planner and notebooks absolutely perfectly. This bag is going to mostly be my new everyday purse and when I don't have a lot going on during the school day I can use it to just carry my laptop or notebook to class. This bag was a $30 retail value and I got it for $13!

Shipping was faster than expected and the packaging was almost as lovely as the bags I got. The box was adorable, the tissue paper was sweet and colorful and it came with a sheet of stickers to use to make your own crafts. Every part of the packaging was completely reusable and they encourage you to use it to make a craft or wrap a present. How sweet?! 

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  1. These are so cute! Super Boho and gorgeous. That's so amazing that all of the packaging was reusable too, did you know almost every piece of plastic ever made is still here on Earth? So destructive! More companies should take note from this. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas lovely!

    Sarah |