Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Inspire! | TV Shows

Part 2 of my Inspire! series...
Last time we talked about Movies, now let's jump on the TV bandwagon! 

Sex And The City
Carrie is a writer. She presents topics in every episode that she then goes on to write about. She writes books and articles and I like to think that if the show was set now, she would have a blog too. Carrie writes about different things than I write about, but it inspires me to change up my writing style and write about real life rather than just fiction. 

The Carrie Diaries
The prequel to the above. Carrie discovers her love for a talent regarding writing when she finds her recently deceased mother's old journals and her stack of empty ones, which she takes and fills with her own thoughts. Since I keep a daily journal of thoughts and events I really connected with the story. And, it was great to see where Sex And The City began.

Gilmore Girls & Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
A year in the Life is very controversial, and I definitely called the whole "Rory writing a book about her life" and the infamous Last Four Words. But Rory has always been a journalist. And, the story and scripts are so well written and the show is so well produced that I can re-watch it over and over again and not really get tired of it.

Maybe it's just Lauren Graham? She makes Gilmore Girls and Parenthood both so amazing! Parenthood inspired parts of both my new novel and my recent children's theatre play that I wrote. The characters are well developed, the drama and action does dip a little in the middle but picks right back up. There honestly isn't a bad season.  I love writing in the style that this show is written in: where it follows multiple story lines that come together and all connect. 

From the lovely, talented and amazing Amy Sherman-Palladino (Co-writer and creator of Gilmore Girls) comes Bunheads, aka, Gilmore Girls: California! A woman (Sutten Foster! AAHH!) moves to a small town in California and meets a bunch of small town characters. The show centered around the talented Kelly Bishop who owns and runs a small dance studio. Bunheads is a coming of age show about girls, body images, the world of dance, love, life, family and adapting.

It's just drama. It's a situational drama about an experience I will never have but one that I have considered multiple times: joining the Greek system. The characters, while non-realistic are entertaining and offer good inspiration and exaggerated character types and personalities. 

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  1. I can't believe I have never seen gilmore girls after all the recent hype I must get round to watching it at some point <3