Saturday, December 10, 2016

Inspire! | Movies

This is the first post of my new series: Inspire! 
This is a series of (probably) 4 posts in which I will list all of the things that I can regularly trust for inspiration. I'm writing this for two reasons...

1) so that I have a convenient place to look for these things when I feel uninspired
2) to give you ideas on things that might inspire you.

I am a writer. Well, I'm a lot more than a writer, but mostly, I'm a writer. So, these are mostly going to be things that inspire me to write. However, maybe after this, I'll write a post about things that inspire other aspects of my life. 

The first post is going to be about movies... Here we go:

Julie & Julia
Julie & Julia is a movie about a woman who takes on the challenge to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year and blog about it. It's a movie about a writer who doesn't think she's an actual writer regardless of how much she writes because no one wants to publish her. Girl, we've all been there.

Stuck in Love
Stuck in Love is a movie about a writer who raises his kids to be writers and both of his kids get things published like he has. There's drama and love and loss and excitement and just life bits. Mostly, it's full of great quotes about writers from the point of view of writers including: "A writer is the sum of his experiences... go get some."

The Holiday
The Holiday isn't about writers... and yes, it's a Christmas movie. But the idea and concept of the movie and the way that it was produced is so inspiring in itself. People switching homes for the holidays and falling in love with people they never thought they'd ever meet. It's fun and quirky and romantic.

Love Actually
Love Actually is along similar lines as The Holiday. A Christmas movie with characters and lives and realness, but exaggerated realness. There is a writer in the movie, however, and his bits are wonderful. Actually, almost all movies where it follows multiple characters that seem to have almost nothing to do with each other until they have everything to do with each other inspire me to write. 

Not so much anymore, but, when I was in high school, LOL used to inspire me so much. I think just because the main girl (yes, played by Miley Cyrus) writes in her diary about her dramatic life. And in high school I had (or at least liked to think that I had) a dramatic life. I tried watching it again recently and couldn't get through more than 30 minutes without turning it off, so I've definitely out grown this one, but, if you're younger or in a different place in life, I'd give it a go.

Saving Mr. Banks
The music. The filming. The acting. The colors. The story. What's not perfectly inspiring about this movie?!

Sex And The City movies 1 & 2
Carrie Bradshaw has always inspired me to write about life, not just fiction which I often write, but actual life. I journal the most often while I watch these movies. While neither are very highly rated and the second one definitely didn't need to be made, it still makes me happy.

These are the movies that inspire me the most. These are the movies I turn to when Writers Block is holding me back. Hopefully this post inspired you to write or create or maybe just check out a new film. I'm always interested to hear about movies that inspire others so feel free to contribute if you wish! 


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