Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Term in Review

Fall term 2016 is over... well... almost. I have 3 finals left: two tests and a final version of the play I wrote. This term taught me more about college than any other term I've experienced. This term taught me 1) how to say "no," to things. 2) That it's okay to say "no," to people and their things. 3) There is a whole world outside of college and not everyone is in the same place (obviously, I knew this one, but this term more than others I found myself contemplating this fact). And finally, 4) I'm so ready to be done with college. 

Over the summer, I worked nearly full time, and I could have worked full time if I wanted to but turned it down because I was working on several side projects as well as actually enjoying not having a lot to do. I loved working, I still love working. I originally had thought that I'd be able to continue working so many hours after school on weekdays. However, I had to reduce my hours to 8-10 a week and am now feeling the loss. Work feels so productive where as school just seems like busy work. Of course, I know how good school is for me, and I fully plan on sticking it out, regardless of how this post sounds, but, after now 16 years of schooling, it's just getting old and I'm ready to be working and setting up my life.

This was the first term during which I was only working on one show. However, I was balancing my Theater commitments with being a Co-Chair on the Pocket Playhouse board, which is a huge time commitment in itself. 

There is just never enough time. 

I've always been told: 
Social life...
...pick 2...

But there's more to life than that: 
Extracurricular commitments

How can anyone be asked to just pick two? Life is all about balance. 

How did I get through this term? Let me tell you...

  • Coffee
    • What a surprise the caffeine addict strikes again! On a whim and slightly inspired by Ingrid Nilsen, I ordered a Chestnut Praline Latte at Starbucks while I was waiting for my boyfriend and our good friend to come meet me at Target and I fell in love. Most days, what got me through was the warm, nutty, goodness. Heaven in a cup. 
  • Writing
    • I wrote my 4th novel this term. A 208 page family drama surrounding a Jewish Family living on the East Coast. It was a great way to get out stress, anxiety and to explore my thoughts and feelings and desires through characters in a safe place, and, a place where backspace exists. 
    • Participating in NaNoWriMo for the 4th time was a mess and might have added a little more stress to my life, but, once I realized that I had finished my novel the stress was all worth it and I have something to physically show for it.
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life
    • This just came out last week. But counting down the days and chatting casually about what I thought would happen in the 4 new episodes gave me something to look forward to. P.S: I loved it. The last four words: AHHHHHHH!
  • My future cat
    • Not a day went by this term that I didn't talk about, or at least think about, going and getting a cat. I gave been told that i qualify for a emotional support animal, but the idea of going though the process, ironically enough, gives me more anxiety. 
  • Diet Coke
    • Don't get me started... caffeine...
  • Bath and Body Works scented candles and hand soaps
    • YUM! The scents are so calming and relive stress. I feel so pampered when I light a candle or even just wash my hands. What an affordable price for such luxury items. 
  • The knowledge that VLOGMAS is coming up
    • I love YouTube and vlogs and December. A month when all my favorite YouTubers make videos every single day? PLEASE?!
That's all for now. Wish me luck on my finals.

P.S: Here are a couple cute pictures!

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