Monday, April 23, 2018

Lifestyle changes and Blog revamp

It's been over a year since I've written anything on this blog and my life has changed so much over the course of those 12 months. I stopped writing because I got bored of it. I go through phases with things - I throw everything I have into one aspect of my life, or one hobby and then I get bored after a few months and abandon it for a while. It's something about myself I try to keep an eye on.

I wanted to revamp this blog because I'm attempting a HUGE lifestyle change and I thought this would be a good platform for me to sort of keep track of it and share my experiences with other people.

I am *attempting* to live a Zero Waste/Low Impact lifestyle. 

This is terrifying, but not more so than the fact that the average American consumer makes roughly 4.5 pounds of trash per day! That fact was truly a wake up call for me. So here I am, embarking on this journey. 

I'm not about to jump into something. I've actually already been incorporating it into my life and have been for a little over a month now. I started by cutting out as many single use plastics as possible (I carry my own coffee cup, I refuse straws, don't use produce bags, etc) and the things that I can't live without, I've been trying to find biodegradable or compostable replacements for. 

As a 22 year old dog owner in University (and on a tight budget) it hasn't been easy making this change, as buying in bulk is a lot more expensive than buying packaged and processed foods. It's also harder to find stores that supply zero waste products in my small college town. However, it's been a rewarding journey and I'm excited to continue it and document my progress along the way.

Keep an eye out for a blog revamp within the next few days(or weeks?). It's about time we change the aesthetic a bit! 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Month By Month | February

Oh hi! It's been... I think two weeks since I've posted. Yeah - life happens. I tried so hard to keep up with my 2-3 posts a week schedule but I just couldn't generate content that was readable, work and go to school at the same time this last month. However, looking back on February for this post is rather drab. I feel like nothing happened this month. 

TJ and I celebrated our "first" valentines day together. I say "first" in quotations because we were basically together already when Valentines day came around last year. We didn't do anything to celebrate valentines day. I believe I made us dinner.

On the 16th of November, TJ and I celebrated our first year anniversary. While we had big plans for this day - we didn't see them through. We ate lunch out in between classes and work, and then we dealt with drama and admin all day instead of doing fun things for ourselves. TJ was also training on his new job until quite late at night. 
We made up for our anniversary a week later when I made us fried chicken, we went to some craft shops and then went to see Hidden Figures as an anniversary redo. I loved Hidden Figures. Like a lot. I could probably say that it IS my favorite movie now. I cannot wait to see it again! Octavia Spencer is my queen. 

TJ is a huge Oscars fan so we watched them the day after they happened and were very careful all day to avoid spoilers. What a show it was this year! 

Sprinkle in some homework, stressful days, tech rehearsals and Costco trips and that was our month. We're preparing for a show that we're both working on that opens this week so our lives are a little stressful at the moment. 

How was your February?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Michael's Haul

I would like to start this post off by saying that this blog is about a real person and her real life: not that other blogs are fake, just that I want this blog to be about what I'm thinking about and living at the moment. I want this blog to be extremely personalized and mostly focusing around the real life of a young woman in University who cooks, scrapbooks and writes. 

This week was a busy one - but sadly I took approximately 0 photos. This week was both Valentines day and our One Year Anniversary. And we still took 0 photos. What was with me this week? 

I did however fall further into my love of scrapabooking this week and I decided to do an annual Project Life album. So this weekend I went to Michael's in search of supplies. Armed with an app full of coupons and nothing but time I browsed for over an hour and left the shop with a bag of goodies:

Michael's having a Door Buster sale on albums and paper pads for $5 each! I let myself get a cute, mermaid themed paper pad that I can use to scrapbook vacations and beach trips. I might not currently have a use for this product, but the summer is coming! And TJ and I have plenty of tropical ideas for the future. 

I bought my very first set of Thickers today (which, when I first heard someone mention, I thought they were just saying "stickers" with a lisp). They are mixed between upper and lower case letters which annoys me a little but they were the best I found. I also got a regular set of black alpha stickers, a clearance set of colorful bow tie stickers and a clearance set of vacation/travel stickers. 

I picked up my first every set of acrylic stamps by JilliBean Soup (I still need to get an acrylic block), a black ink pad and a set of project life cards. Not shown are the two 12x12 clear paper containers I picked up because all craft storage was 60% off! 

I am so close to getting my craft room! I currently have all of my supplies in a hallway closet that was meant for linens and it's a chore to transport them all to my desk in the kitchen every time I want to scrap. TJ and I are both very excited for our upcoming craft space upgrade as he currently uses the coffee table for his crafts. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

1 year Anniversary

Today, February 16th 2017 TJ and I celebrate our official one year anniversary! We've had so many good times together this year and I am so lucky and happy to have this amazing man in my life. Here's to a lifetime of years with him! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weekend Crafts

If we're being honest - I've been fighting writers block all week. I meant to get 4 blog posts scheduled over the weekend to get ahead... I'm writing this at 7:30 PM on Sunday night and it's the first time I've even tried to write a post all weekend. Or write at all. I wrote a few pages in my personal journal but just rants about personal things, nothing of real content. 

The only real productive things I did do this weekend were go shopping for costumes and purchase the last few items for my show and work on scrapbook pages. Since I can't show you pictures of my costumes yet - I figured I'd just display my scrapbook pages instead:

The first layout I made was this cute, colorful layout of me and TJ on the Santa Monica Pier in the beginning of January when we were visiting his family. Even though this happened over a month ago, I just got the photos printed on the 1st of February because I get all my photos printed that I took in the previous month on the first of the month. I use Amazon Printing Service and I love it! I love this layout because of the contrast in colors. TJ and I are both wearing dark colors and the orange accent in the background contrasts nicely. It was also a fun day and thus deserving of a fun background. 

I also made this cute little layout of Bill our Betta fist - aka Billy The Betta. I know it's silly to scrapbook about a fish - but this is the first real pet I've had. My dogs were my parents, not mine. And while I have had fish before, honestly none have lasted as long as Bill has because I wasn't good at taking care of them when I was younger. I kind of regret adding the Finding Dory stickers but what's done is done. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentines Gifts

Valentines day is for more than just couples or those of us in love. Valentines day is a time to show all kinds of love. My and Tj's anniversary is on the 16th of February so we don't put a lot of importance on Valentines day. Instead this year, I chose to spend time making valentines for friends and family.

The big thing I made was what I call a Best Friend Journal. I made this for my long distance best friend as a way to showcase our best memories together and all the photos of the two of us that we had taken thus far in our friendship.

I made this book with a 4x6 photo album from Michael's. I customized the cover and all of the pages. I basically made it as a mini scrapbook with all of our memories (mostly from our high school years). I did leave about half of the book blank to include new memories. I slipped all the extra supplies I got for the project into the last page along with a note in an envelope explaining the project and how she is supposed to finish it. 

I also sent personalized heart-shaped Valentines Day cards that I also purchased at Michael's to my family. I like to add washi tape and stickers to my notes to make them cute and unique. There is nothing I love more than sending and getting mail.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why I Scrapbook

Surprisingly, I get this question a lot. Mostly, people have this idea of scrapbookers in their head that doesn't fit with their image of me. They think that scrapbookers are older, probably already mothers and have little to do with their free time. Honestly, scrapbooking is a hobby like any other. Anyone of any age can partake in the hobby and enjoy doing it.

Nearly everyone takes pictures. No matter if it's on your phone or with a nice camera. What do you do with all the photos you've taken if you don't scrapbook? How many people actually get them printed? And if you do get them printed - do you just throw them in a box? Do you have albums? Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to organize your photos and let your creative side out. 

I've done several posts before about the importance of printing your photos and supplies to buy if you're a new scrapbooker. I've also shared posts showing some of my layouts and all of those posts go over fairly well on my little blog. This one is a little different. I want to explain why I put so much importance on scrapbooking, especially at my age, and why I think others my age should consider it also. 

I started scrapbooking in December of 2015. 

Why: I knew this was going to be a very important couple of years in my life and I wanted them documented. I had been keeping a journal for a while, but I wanted a place to put pictures and memorabilia to showcase and look back on. I knew over these next few years I'd be meeting the man I wanted to marry, graduating University and moving my way up in the world. Sure enough, I had already met my perfect man and 2 months later we began dating. I have our entire first year together scrapbooked - everything from our very first picture together, to our first date to meeting each others families and finally our one year anniversary. 

I hear people talk about how they wished they had taken pictures in the early stages of their relationship, or say that they lost them all when their computer died. My family members would discuss not remembering some of their college or high school friends because they didn't ever document their lives during those times. I am a very sentimental person. I don't want to forget anything. Memory is fleeting and never reliable. Journaling and scrapbooking my life is providing me a way to accurately recall my experiences no matter how far away in time we get from them. 

I recommend that everyone make a scrapbook. And this is partly me pushing my hobby on my friends and partly me wanting for them to have the same way to keep memories that I do. I encourage everyone to write down your memories. Take a picture of your college apartment and put it in your journal or scrapbook. Write about all your classes and your friends and your job and what you do for fun. Imagine your family (children, husband, siblings, whoever) looking back on these memories in years and years and being glad that they have them and have this opportunity to get to know the person that you used to be and the life that you used to lead...

That is why I started scrapbooking and why I continue to do so and why I can say with certainty that I will continue to do so throughout my life. It's part of my legacy